Stay year-round at our new Bothy

In the summer of 2020 two pairs of white storks built nests in the wild at Knepp and successfully raised chicks. It was a landmark moment. The last record of white storks breeding in the UK is 1416

It is the first exciting step of a reintroduction programme run by the White Stork Project - a partnership between Warsaw Zoo, Cotswold Wildlife Park, The Roy Dennis Foundation, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Knepp Estate and other landowners. Its aim, over the next ten years, is to re-establish breeding populations of the white stork in southeast England.

Join Lucy Groves, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust project officer for the White Stork Project, to learn about these impressive and enchanting birds, a species of myth and fable, revered across the world.

We’ll begin over a cup of tea and locally made brownies with a short presentation on the storks’ migration and ecology, why we consider them an important species to bring back to the UK, and what a reintroduction like this entails.

Lucy will then lead you into the Wildland to visit any active nests and enjoy the comings and goings of the busy, bill-clattering parents. Then on to the stork pen, in the heart of the rewilding project, where you’ll have a chance to help with feeding time.

This is a walking safari, at a gentle pace, with frequent stops for wildlife watching. You’ll need a moderate level of fitness and be able to cope with walking on uneven ground.

All profits from this event will be donated to the Knepp Wildland Foundation which funds the ongoing costs of feeding and care of the white storks at Knepp

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Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund or alternative date for your safari booking. We also cannot guarantee the great British weather, or that you will see your target species. Nature is unpredictable! However we’re confident you’ll enjoy your experience with us, come rain or shine, and there’s always plenty of wildlife to see. Our safaris are suitable only for children of 12 and over.